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Yatsar is a Christian based Safe-haven and Care Centre for people who have been dealt a severe blow in life and deserve another chance to re-integrate into society as fully restored individuals. Residents at Yatsar receive shelter, food, clothing, a means of an income, as well as counseling (should it be required); and necessary life skills training. Our primary goal is to assist individuals in regaining their self-esteem and self-belief, as well as assisting them to develop a Christian based foundational belief system. We assist residents in obtaining life skills and utilizing opportunities so that they are able to support themselves; and in the longer term, others.




Yatsar’s mission is to help and give assistance to the sector of the community comprising of the homeless, the unemployed and those who are emotionally or psychologically lost. These individuals are people who have been affected physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically; and thus they are being provided daily with meals, shelter and clothing. Yatsar’s mission whilst these individuals are in their period of recovery is to guide them back to a normal, productive and fruitful life. Yatsar also provides transport to residents to and from hospitals and such further venues and other ancillary assistance as required.

The aim of Yatsar is to heal ‘broken’ people by assisting them in claiming back their lost beliefs in their worthiness and to help them regain self confidence by providing them with physical care, spiritual guidance, and individual consultation. Yatsar also utilizes other necessary resources needed in order for residents to re-enter society.




The Vision of Yatsar is to accommodate more people, encourage them to become self-sufficient and able to sustain themselves. To create and run a food distribution depot to provide other institutions and needy individuals and to monitor such distribution so that food reaches the right destinations and that no products are wasted or lost.




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